This is Not a Paddle

One of my husband’s close friends from high school, James, is a woodworker. After years of working as an apprentice for a furniture restoration company, he had finally opened his own workshop making expensive custom furniture in the most hipster of neighbourhoods. We were all very excited for him, and everyone in the friend groupContinue reading “This is Not a Paddle”

Why I think fetishists who endorse spanking kids don’t belong in the spanking community

Yes, I mean fetishists who do not intend or want to spank children themselves. I mean spanking fetishists who are simply okay with child-spanking generally happening in society. If they think that, I don’t want them to view my content or be my friend. Now, I also think I’ve made it pretty clear that IContinue reading “Why I think fetishists who endorse spanking kids don’t belong in the spanking community”

Kink and Feminism

This was a question & answer copied over from my Curious Cat page. To the anonymous asker– thanks for the awesome question! It totally made up for the guy who asked if I would consider wiping my ass with his diploma. Have you ever felt any tension or conflict between your feminist beliefs and yourContinue reading “Kink and Feminism”

Is spanking always sexual?

I’m supposed to be asleep right now, but I can’t stop thinking about an issue that was brought up today on twitter. It’s the question: IS SPANKING ALWAYS SEXUAL? It’s an issue that we’ve heard brought up again and again. You’ve probably heard me harp on about it while arguing why it is wrong toContinue reading “Is spanking always sexual?”

In addition…

Just because you don’t always experience something as feeling sexual, doesn’t prove that the thing can sometimes be non-sexual. Many rape victims do not feel sexual pleasure from their attack, but it will always be sexual assault. A gynaecological exam will always be a sexual exam done in a sexual health clinic, performed with theContinue reading “In addition…”

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